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Last Updated: 16.03.2024  

Cookie Usage Guidelines 

Our cookie policy (“Cookie Policy”) is designed to provide you with clear information on how we utilize “cookies” and similar technologies on our esteemed website at : (“Website”). Understanding this policy will empower you to make informed decisions while enjoying our Website. Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the details presented in this Cookie Policy.

Understanding Cookies Cookies and comparable technologies consist of tiny text documents or segments of code, often containing an anonymous unique identifier. When you visit a website or utilize a mobile application, your device is prompted for permission to store this file and retrieve information from it. The data collected through cookies and similar technologies may encompass the timing and frequency of visits, as well as your interactions with the respective website or mobile application. These elements play a crucial role in optimizing user experiences. Cookies are integral to our Website and are also utilized by select third-party partners.

For a comprehensive understanding of cookies and similar technologies, please visit All About Cookies. For the sake of clarity within the subsequent sections of this Cookie Policy, all technologies incorporating the aforementioned features will be collectively referred to as “cookies”.

Consent to Cookie Usage

When you utilize the Website, you are implicitly granting consent for the storage and retrieval of essential cookies on your device. Essential cookies are fundamental to the seamless operation of our Website.

Furthermore, with your explicit consent, we may store and access certain non-essential cookies on your device. While not imperative for Website functionality, these cookies enable us to provide additional features or gather supplementary insights into your Website usage. You are under no obligation to consent to the usage of non-essential cookies, and we refrain from deploying such cookies until your explicit consent is obtained.

Should you wish to manage cookies by blocking or deleting them, or if you decide to revoke consent for our utilization of non-essential cookies, detailed instructions are provided below.

Utilisation of Cookies Essential Cookies

We deploy cookies in instances where they are indispensable for the operation of the Website. For example, cookies may be utilised to maintain your signed-in status on the Website.

What Happens When You Decline, Hinder, Or Remove Cookies?

When you refuse to accept cookies on our website, certain functionalities may become inaccessible. This may occur if you block or delete cookies, affecting the proper functioning of some parts of our platform and potentially limiting your access to certain features.

Is It Possible To Disable Cookies?

To disable cookies entirely, you can adjust the settings within your browser or refer to the link provided below. For comprehensive guidance on managing cookies and disabling them across a range of browsers, please visit the All About Cookies website.

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